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Rainbow Row, 60 ct

$65.00 or $55.25 / month

372 in stock

372 in stock

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Made from all organic and vegan ingredients, these include the full spectrum of cannabinoids including trace amounts of THC. 
This 60count jar of 25mg gummies includes lemon, berry and peach flavors.  
Sit down and enjoy feeling like you are living the perfect lowcountry life.  

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8 reviews for Rainbow Row, 60 ct

  1. Ashley Verified Owner

    These gummies have become a staple in our house, they’re the best thing to have in the evenings to wind down after a long day and get a great nights sleep. Will forever repurchase!

  2. Hayden Verified Owner

    Very tasty

  3. Kelly Thompson Verified Owner

    LOVE CHC!!! From the gummies to the tea, I use them daily. I’ve recommended so many products to friends and family. Thank you for continuously adding new products to your line that I can incorporate into my routine.

  4. Alex Martin Verified Owner

    Wow what a game changer and by far the best price in Charleston. I will be coming back for more!

  5. KRISTEN MEISNER Verified Owner

    These are awesome! Perfect if you just want to relax and chill

  6. Jamie McMahan Verified Owner

    I have tried so many CBD products; so many gummies. None of the things I tried worked for me. I was just about to give up but I tried Charleston Hemp Collective gummies and everything changed.

    Like any medication, you have to start low on dosage and work up to your therapeutic level, what works for you. For me, that is 100% Rainbow Row. 25mg either takes away my chronic pain or it quiets it enough that I can be productive again.

    I read a lot of information about the different kinds of CBD and all the terminology so I can be educated about my own healthcare. I finally understand the difference between broad spectrum, full spectrum, D8, D9. Now that I understand these, it makes choosing the right CHC products for my specific needs.

    I take my 25mg CBD multiple times a day, staggered so the pain doesn’t come back and sometimes at night I take two but I am planning on getting the night crawlers which have melatonin and work like a dream (pun intended).

    Every body is different so you might want to start low and move up as necessary. I absolutely advise talking to someone at CHC if you have any questions. They are knowledgeable and on the cutting edge of this rapidly changing field of CBD.

    I highly recommend Charleston Hemp Collective. They helped me change my life. Because of their products, my memory is more clear than ever, my pain is very low, my sleep is better and I am starting to feel like myself again.
    They are kind and generous and on top of a great, natural, vegan product, the gummies are absolutely delicious.
    Give it a try, find your happy dosage, try the roll on for your lower back and the salve on your knees and hands (arthritis and more).

    I’m obviously a huge fan but there are so many products out there that make the same promises, get you to spend $60-120 and it either doesn’t work or tastes a terrible. CHC products WORK!!! Best of luck to everyone!❤️

  7. Latrita Russell Verified Owner

    The BEST gummies I’ve had!!!!

  8. Shirley Stowe Verified Owner

    These are the best to take the edge off anxiety! Quality product!

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