Our Team

Our educated and passionate team have favorite products too! Here’s a little bit about how CBD has changed their lives.




While attending the College of Charleston, Carlin’s love for cycling as well as nature and plants blossomed into studying hemp and the benefits it offers. Her passion for cycling of course leads to some pain, therefore she loves the lavender salve because it works magic on her knees and smells amazing.





Dan uses a mix of CBD products in order to attack a variety of symptoms, such as crohn’s disease, anxiety, and PTSD. With the use of CBD I have been able to find both physical and mental relief. 





Emily makes use of the 1000mg lemon honeysuckle tincture every morning to prevent her symptoms of chronic migraines. She also loves the 1500 salve for her back spasms and knee pain that she has from old injuries and surgeries. She calls the tincture and salve her “dynamic duo.” But her all time favorite is the smokeable flower to stay zen and productive throughout the day.




Karissa uses a variety of products, from gummies to tinctures and salves, anxiety, pain, and to alleviate digestive symptoms. She is very passionate about CBD, and will always have a long list of cannabis fun facts!




Katie loves CBD because it gives her the chance to change people’s lives in a way that is natural, safe, and environmentally friendly. Her favorite part of the job is meeting other cannabis enthusiasts and seeing the different ways one plant can benefit different people in different ways. She loves the grapefruit tincture because it’s an easy way to infuse cannabis in her day to day life and it tastes great!




Mara’s daily battles include anxiety and chronic pain in her hip. After many years of surgery and use of pharmaceutical drugs just to combat daily symptoms, CBD personally brought her a holistic option that actually works - for once in her life her panic attacks and pain are at an all time low. She loves the lemon-honeysuckle tincture for her anxiety and the lavender salve for her pain. This job allows her the chance to use science to make people feel better - her dream!




CBD helps Mark in a multitude of ways on a daily basis. He uses a tincture daily to help combat anxiety. Then he uses a salve throughout the day to help with aches and pains. Finally, Mark will take one or two gummies in the evening that help him get to sleep at a reasonable hour. 




Missy’s favorite product is the salve, as she has a degenerative disk in her spine that gets inflamed whenever she stands for long hours or participates in strenuous activities. The salve has significantly helped with the inflammation and pain she experiences!