The Charleston Hemp Collective Mission


The Charleston Hemp Collective was inspired by people's passion for specific crafts within the cannabis industry. We want to help people discover the remarkable powers of the cannabis plant through our products, while exploring the roots of the South. We encourage you to rediscover what has made the South one of the strongest agricultural centers in the United States by taking time to visit farms, have some sweet tea, and hear farmers’ stories. 





Get to Know The Owners


Matt and Libiss Skinner first noticed the effects of CBD a few years ago when Libiss had uncontrolled ulcerative colitis. With CBD, for the first time in her life, she was living without pain and discomfort. The Skinner's wanted to merge their passion of the farm to table movement and their value of CBD to create the Charleston Hemp Collective. They take pride in working with local farmers and business owners to create a one of a kind experience. Their goal is to grow and support the local economy while helping people deal with the aches and pains of life with CBD.





One Of A Kind Experience 


      • Hemp/CBD products sourced directly seed to shelf 
      • No artificial flavors or fillers
      • Wide variety of Carolina sourced CBD flower and buds with fantastic properties and unique flavors
      • Superbly trained staff that will educate customers about the unique Charleston Hemp Collective products
      • Every staff member will have hands-on farm experience
      • Collaboration with local businesses to strengthen the Charleston community